past events

Hong Kong: Towards an Uncertain Future
Panel discussion
11 December 2019
Developments in the Middle East and Opportunities: The Perspectives of the UAE and Moderate Countries
H.E. Mr Khalifa Shaheen al Marar
14 November 2019
The New Zealand - German Energy Trilemma Dialogues: Balancing Energy Security, Affordability and Environmental Sustainability
Dr Joachim Pfeiffer, Prof Dr Friedbert Pflueger and Dr Joachim Lang
9 October 2019
MFAT 75th Anniversary Book Launch
Hon Winston Peters
21 August 2019
The Rise of Multi-Headed Challenges: How the EU responds to climate change, migration and security
Christian Leffler, Deputy Secretary-General of the European External Action Service
19 August 2019
US Trade and Global Turbulence
Ambassador Scott Brown
10 July 2019
Trade in turbulent times and how the OECD can best support the multilateral trading system
Ken Ash, Director of the OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate
2 July 2019
APEC, ABAC and Exporters: New opportunities for businesses
Loreto Leyton - Executive Director of ABAC 2019
28 June 2019
Looking Our Way: Argentina's View on New Zealand, China and the Asia-Pacific
Eduardo A. Sadous Ambassador (ret.) - Director, Committee on Asian Affairs CARI, Dr. Jorge Malena - Council Member CARI and Patricio Giusto - council member CARI
24 June 2019
Launch of the International Affairs Discussion Document
Hon Simon Bridges, Hon Todd McClay, Hon Mark Mitchell, Hon Gerry Brownlee, Dr Anna Powels, Dr Tracey Epps, Charles Finny and Rear Admiral John Martin
20 May 2019
A Secure Europe in an Insecure World
Jean-Christophe Belliard, Deputy Secretary General of Political Affairs at the European External Action Service
17 May 2019
The Foreign Policy of Poland as a Member of the Euro-Atlantic Community
Mr Jacek Foks, Lawyer
14 May 2019
New Zealand Media Freedom: Current Challenges
Nicola Willis - List MP, Tova O'Brien - Journalist, Dr Andrew Ladley - public Lawyer, Richard Harman - journalist
3 May 2019
Banning Killer Robots
Mary Wareham, Advocacy Director of Human Rights Watch's Arms Division and Global Coordinator of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots
1 May 2019
The Sahara Issue: Challenges and Prospects
HE Mr Karim Medrek, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco
29 April 2019
Can we take on Norway in the electric vehicle stake?
HE Paul Gulleik Larsen, Ambassador of Norway based in Canberra
2 April 2019
China's Activities in the UK - Influence or Interference?
Charles Parton, OBE
11 March 2019
Brexit: Where next for the UK, what next for New Zealand?
Professor Richard G Whitman
29 January 2019
The European Union and New Zealand: Partners in Global Trade
Cecilia Malmström European Union Trade Commissioner
21 June 2018
The Solomon Islands Economy Transitioning from Logging to Natural Resources Management and Alternative In-dustries for Sustainable Development
Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon Rick Hou
8 June 2018
US Exit from Iran Deal: What Next for New Zealand and the World?
HE Laura Clarke, Dr Rouzbeh Parsi -Sweden (Skype), Em Prof Dr Bernard Hourcade -Paris (Skype), Tim Ritchie, Sir Doug Kidd (Chair)
16 May 2018
Behind the Headlines #AfghanistanYouNeverSee
Bilal Sarwary
15 May 2018
Getting Russia Right
Dr Dmitri Trenin Director of Carnegie Centre, Moscow
9 April 2018
Itikianga Tinamou ora: The Cook Islands, New Zealand and Free Association
Cook Islands Prime Minister, Hon Henry Puna
4 April 2018
Pacific Reset Perspective from Papua New Guinea
The Rt Hon Winston Peters,Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and Minister of Foreign Affairs: Speech
28 March 2018
Pacific Reset Perspective from Papua New Guinea
Hon Rimbink Pato, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Papua New Guinea: Speech
28 March 2018
Stepping Up: Japan’s New Role in the South Pacific
Yukio Okamoto, former Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan
15 March 2018
NZIIA National Conference 2018: The Law of the Jungle, How can New Zealand Navigate Global Disruption?
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
27 February 2018
A Peek into the Future: e-Estonia: Building a Digital Society
Siim Sikkut, Government CIO of Estonia
20 February 2018
The Future of Europe: A Polish Perspective
H.E. Krzysztof Szczerski Secretary of State and Chief of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Poland
5 December 2017
Germany and Europe In a New Era of Global Challenges
Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, The former President of the German Parliament
22 November 2017
The Gulf Tinderbox: A View from Qatar
HE Mr Nasser Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa
14 November 2017
Incorrigible Optimist, A Political Memoir
Gareth Evans
6 November 2017
The Final Frontier for Innovation and Cooperation?
Simonetta Di Pippo- Director for United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) Chaired by Veronika Meduna
20 September 2017
Perspectives on the North Korean Standoff
HE Seung-bae Yeo, HE Scott P Brown, HE Wang Lutong, HE Toshihisa Takata, Terence O'Brien, Paul Sinclair, Michael Powles (chair)
29 August 2017
New Zealand in a Changing World
Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little
28 June 2017
New Zealand in a Changing World
Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little
28 June 2017
NZIIA Annual Dinner 2017
Prime Minister Bill English
21 June 2017
Hope in the 21st Century
Green Party Co-leader James Shaw
30 May 2017
NZIIA Foreign Policy Lecture: An Independent Foreign Policy - Reflections after eight and a half years in the Foreign Affairs portfolio (LECTURE AUDIO)
Hon Murray McCully Minister of Foreign Affairs
4 April 2017
NZIIA Foreign Policy Lecture: An Independent Foreign Policy - Reflections after eight and a half years in the Foreign Affairs portfolio (SPEECH NOTES)
Hon Murray McCully Minister of Foreign Affairs
4 April 2017
NZ on the Security Council 2015-2016: A view from within
Gerard van Bohemen
15 March 2017
Regional Security in 2017: Causes for Concern
A Panel Discussion
2 March 2017
The Indo-Pacific Region: View from Japan
Professor Seiichiro Takagi, Senior Research Advisor, JIIA
2 March 2017
The Future of the EU after Brexit
HE Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary
17 February 2017
The Global Future: Challenges to Security, Stability and Sustainability
An audio of the conference proceedings
29 Nov 2016
New Zealand at Paris climate talks: leader, follower or...laggard?
A panel discussion
4 December 2016
Keynote address to the NZIIA Annual Conference
Hon Murray McCully, Minister of Foreign Affairs
29 Nov 2016
An address to the NZIIA: God Defends New Zealand?
Hon Gerry Brownlee, Minister of Defence
25 August 2016
U.S. Presidential Election: What Implications for the World and New Zealand
U.S. Ambassador (Ret.) Derek Shearer
15 August 2016
New Zealand and the world
Andrew Little MP, Leader of the Opposition
26 July 2016
Brexit and New Zealand’s World
Professor Robert Ayson, Centre for Strategic Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
30 June 2016
Brexit: What does it mean for New Zealand?
Pod cast from a panel discussion
30 June 2016
New Zealand and the World
James Shaw, Green Party Co-Leader
31 May 2016
New Zealand's place in the world
Rt Hon John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand
3 May 2016
What role now for Iran in the Middle East and the World?
Dr Javad Zarif, The Foreign Minister of Iran
14 March 2016
Perspectives on global and regional foreign policy issues
Dr Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former President of Timor-Leste
9 March 2016
The European Commissioner's NEW Trade for All Strategy and New Zealand (co-hosted with the EU Delegation to NZ)
Ms Helena König, Director of Asia and Latin America at European Commissioner's Directorate for Trade
3 March 2016
The TPP and New Zealand: where do we stand?
A panel discussion
1 March 2016
The land beyond the horizon (co-hosted with the Delegation of the EU to NZ)
Screening of a documentary and followed by an expert panel discussion
30 November 2015
New Zealand and the United Nations: 70th Anniversary
Seminar to mark the 70th anniversary of the UN founding conference in San Francisco
20 November 2015
Western States and "Emerging States" in global governance: Multipolarity without multilateralism? (Co-hosted with LSC)
Professor Robert Wade of the London School of Economics
25 November 2015
Sports diplomacy: New Zealand's hardest soft power?
A panel discussion
5 November 2015
The potential pitfalls and windfalls of the nuclear deal with Iran
A panel discussion
16 September 2015