AUCKLAND: The EU and Spain, our future ahead
Thursday, 6 May 2021 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Lecture Theatre, Old Government House, University of Auckland, Cnr Princes Street & Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland

SPEAKER: H.E. Fernando Curcio, Ambassador of Spain

Since accession to the European Union, Spain has adjusted itself to the economic and political requirements of the Union.   With the departure of Great Britain, the center of gravity of the Union has moved south, towards the Mediterranean.  As a key nation on the south-west frontier, Spain has a particular interest in prosperity and security in the Maghreb region, and further south in Africa.

The address will cover the ambit of Spain’s involvement in world affairs, with reference to Spain’s internal affairs.  These include the geopolitical challenges to Europe, the European Union’s function, and relations of Spain (and the EU) with New Zealand in the key areas of trade, climate change, human rights, and common values.

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