AUCKLAND: The key structural changes needed for the UN to effectively address the greatest challenges of our time
Monday, 6 April 2020 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Lecture Theatre, Library Foyer, Room 109 (Basement), Alfred Street, University of Auckland

SPEAKER: Dr Augusto Lope-Claros, International Economist

The UN Charter should be revised to:

  • correct flaws in the UN’s initial conception (e.g. veto rights);
  • give it legislative, judicial and enforcement functions;
  • reserve most other functions to states;
  • create a second Chamber representing global citizenry.

The UN’s fundamental structure set out in its Charter is no longer adequate to address pressing global challenges. Key revisions to the UN Charter – plus other reforms not requiring Charter amendment – would provide the legal basis for a new system of global governance. Reforms need to strike a balance between ambitious proposals with little chance of acceptance, and “politically feasible” ones cannot solve the world’s urgent challenges.