WAIRARAPA: How can we make a difference internationally?
Wednesday, 12 February 2020 at 8:00pm
The Seminar Room, Wairarapa Sports House, Cnr Chapel and Jackson Streets, Masterton

SPEAKER: Thomas Nash, Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Massey University and adjunct lecturer in politics

At our first 2020 meeting, guest speaker Thomas Nash will talk about how we – as individuals as well as a country – can make a real difference internationally.

Today, international politics appears more chaotic than usual.  National populism is on the rise.  Mainstream political parties are in decline.  The pace of technological development and the power of its owners have outstripped our liberal democratic systems.  Globalisation has not only failed to share wealth evenly, its growth-based economic systems are literally burning, flooding and poisoning our planet.

Thomas Nash says:  “The rules-based international order set up after 1945 is creaking but human societies have reorganised ourselves to survive and flourish in the past.”  To do so again the world will need international co-operation, diplomatic ambition and transformational leadership.  What, he asks, can New Zealand and New Zealanders do to contribute to this?