The Auckland Branch of the NZIIA provides a neutral platform in Auckland for presentations on current international affairs.  Some presentations have a particular connection to some aspect of New Zealand foreign policy.  Every meeting provides an opportunity for Questions and Answers at the end of the presentation.

All our meetings are open to the public.  The Branch does not charge any admission, does not require reservations, and does not pay the speaker.

The Branch accepts speakers from a wide range of backgrounds.  To maintain independence, the Branch does not co-sponsor with Governments.  When suitable the Branch does co-sponsor with other organisations.

The Auckland Branch aims to host some 15 presentations a year.  Some speakers are based in New Zealand, and others are passing through Auckland on some type of visit.

In 2018 the Branch hosted events on the following topics:

  • a view of the world from Dublin, particularly on Brexit, upon the opening of the new Irish Embassy in Wellington;
  • an initial assessment of the 2018 US Mid-term elections from a former US Congressman;
  • an analysis of the values that underpin Indonesian Foreign Policy;
  • MFAT’s view of NZ’s ‘Pacific Reset’ and the importance of the region in NZ’s foreign, development, and trade partnerships;
  • an American federal prosecutor’s perspective on human trafficking;
  • an assessment of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy;
  • global trade in the Trump-era from the perspective of the dairy co-operative Fonterra;
  • Brexit and the role of Germany in the EU;
  • the One-state Solution and the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions campaign in Palestine;
  • strategic trends in the Middle East following the Arab Spring, from an Israeli perspective;
  • the use of mercenaries in international conflicts;
  • an outline of the foreign policy of Lithuania;
  • an assessment of NZ’s attempt to balance between the US and China;
  • an analysis of the bilateral relationship between Australia and New Zealand;
  • the potential of international law in governing relations at the international level in uncertain times;
  • assessing the first 15 years of the International Criminal Court.

Events are usually held in Old Government House on the grounds of the University of Auckland, from 6:00 to 7.30pm, on a weekday.

We hope that people who attend our meetings might choose to become Members of the Branch, and so receive the bi-monthly NZIIA publication the New Zealand International Review.  This high-quality publication contains articles on international affairs, often from a New Zealand perspective, as well as succinct book reviews.  The Review is a key pillar of the NZIIA: it provides an opportunity for persons of all backgrounds to share their knowledge.

Branch Members include current or former Members of Parliament, diplomats, military officers, members of the legal and accounting professions, university academics, and students.  As well as members of the public with a general, or specific, interest in international relations.

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Chair: Gregory J. Thwaite