Navigating Economic Integration amidst US-China Strategic Competition and Rising Uncertainties

By Dr Karen Pitakdumrongkit

Over the past 52 years, ASEAN coined various initiatives which have contributed to regional economic integration. Against the backdrop of rising US-China strategic competition, is the organisation able to help the ASEAN member states further pursue their economic integration?    Read more


Connectivity with Consent: The EU in Eurasia

By Professor Sven Biscop

The search for connectivity is nothing new.  But the EU has realised that competition, not dominance, is the key to connectivity to today's world.    Read more


In the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Cyber Security and Great Power Politics

By Dr Ashok Sharma

Artificial Intelligence and cyber warfare are emerging as key components in great power rivalry. The international community needs to act fast to develop legal and political frameworks that can mitigate their deleterious effects.        Read more


Two Pacific states drop Taiwan for China

By Stephen Hoadley

Two Pacific states last week dramatically switched diplomatic allegiances from Taiwan to China, a shift with possibly wide-ranging implications writes Stephen Hoadley of  the University of Auckland.     Read more