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The New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (NZIIA) is an independent non-governmental organisation that seeks to encourage an understanding of the importance of global affairs to the political and economic well-being of New Zealand. 

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“Negotiating the Brexit plan and deal has been a major preoccupation for the UK over the last two years and it isn’t over yet. It has caused major political dislocation in the UK and divided the government, parliament, political parties and the public. Brexit is a major point of departure for the UK and will have implications for its place in the world and its diplomatic and trade partners". UK Brexit expert Professor Richard Whitman gave a great talk in Wellington and Auckland on the complexities of Brexit.  Click on the link below to see the full video.  (You may need to increase the volume as Richard was a quiet speaker).

Video - Brexit talk in Wellington


New book: The Law of the Jungle: How Can New Zealand Navigate Global Disruption? 

Edited by Maty Nikkhou-O'Brien
Authors include Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern


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