The Auckland Branch runs a number of seminars and talks on international relations each year. Past seminars include “From Tehran to Tahir Square” (about democracy in the Middle East), “States of Mind: Micronesia and the Pacific”, “India’s Strategic Engagement with the United States and the Emerging Global Order”, “China’s North Korea Policy in the Post-Kim Jong Il Era”, “The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – Corporate Dream or Vehicle for Growth”, “New Zealand’s Relations with the People's Republic of China”. “Turkey as a Centre, and No Longer a Margin”, "The Emergence of a Post-Hegemonic World" and “The Humanitarian Imperative to Ban Nuclear Weapons”.

The seminars are held in a lecture theatre at Auckland University from 6 to 7.30pm.

Because of its longstanding and close link with the University of Auckland, and in particular the Department of Political Studies, the branch has a number of members that are, or have been, students.  But it welcomes any members from any sectors of the community who are interested in international affairs. 

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Chair: Gregory J. Thwaite